I’m Eric Arellano and I was born in South Central Los Angeles, California.  I’m currently based in Long Beach. Some will call me an author because I cowrote and published, The Turning-Bound To Darkness, with April M. Reign (aprilmreign.com). I also synced some drawings to music for Love Star (lovestarband.com), so others will call me a music video director and animator. On the air, THE Admiral of great sports talk, Petros Papadakis (570 AM Petros & Money Show) calls me a swashbuckler. Ultimately, I’m just a regular male-man sharing my experiences through this site. Let me simply add that it’s my very good honor to meet you and you may call me…”E”.

- Tag along! Let’s grow together!



Yo me llamo Eric Arellano. Soy un cartero de primera y escritor independiente radicado en Long Beach, California. Mi colega, April M. Reign (aprilmreign.com),  y yo, escribimos The Turning-Bound To Darkness. Tambien, diriji y anime un video musical para Love Star (lovestarband.com). -  Animo!