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I’m Eric Arellano and I was born in South Central Los Angeles, California but, currently based in Long Beach. Some will call me an author because I co-wrote and helped give birth to The Turning-Bound To Darkness series with April M. Reign ( I also synced some drawings to Love Star’s “Busco” (, so others will call me a music video director and animator. On the air (570 AM FOX SPORTS/Petros & Money Show), THE Admiral of great sports talk, Petros Papadakis, calls me a swashbuckler. Ultimately, I’m just a regular mailman for the United States Postal Service who’s been lucky to have crossed paths with wonderful people who’ve inspired me to have participated in such exciting projects. I consider this site to be a scrapbook of sorts. I hope you find something intriguing. Feel free to say ‘hello’!… Let me simply add that it’s my very good honor to meet you and you may call me…”E”.

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Yo me llamo Eric Arellano. Soy un cartero de primera y escritor independiente radicado en Long Beach, California. Yo, junto con mi colega, April M. Reign (, le di creacion al escribir la primera de la serie The Turning-Bound To Darkness. Tambien, diriji y anime un video musical para la cancion “BUSCO” de Love Star ( Simplemente, soy un cartero para el servicio postal de los Estados Unidos. Me considero muy afortunado por ver conocido a gente inspiradora que me dieron la oportunidad de ver perticipado en estos projectos tan interesantes. –  Animo!


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