Ode To Mario Lopez (Lomar) – Curanderos

Addict, curious, thirsty, ugly,

love-less, rambunctious, lively, sexy…

Regardless of your symptoms,

You sensed the desperation.

Relief was what you sought;

so you made your preparations.

No doubt he’ll be surrounded.

Leave as early as you can.

You know they’re all going to see;

the one and only, medicine man.

His legendary powers

are known throughout the land.

He’ll work his magic splendor

with assistance from his band.

Via traumatizing images

Vibrations wall to wall;

Soul reviving side-effects

were guaranteed to all.

Hypnotic chants and entrancing riffs

were the cleansers of his choice.

Every night there’d be a sacrifice.

The offering was his voice.

But, as much as he was loved

and admired for his renditions;

there is nothing one can do;

 to override human condition.

We’re honored to have met him.

He radiated joy.

There’s no medicine man that exists;

that can cure us from this void.