“Compass Knows Best” (a sonnet by E. Arellano)

I drift, lost in a world full of mirage.

It saved me once; the beauty from the sea.

She shared her mermaid world free from façade.

Her love, the greatest gift ever received.

Uncalculated plunge into her heart.

She sang and nurtured me; my life revived.

Despite her love, truth was, we’re worlds apart.

Her livelihood was damaged by my side.

Prolonged exposure to my worldly Sun,

scales burned despite the times I turned away.

She’d sacrifice her life for me. Unjust!

My last resort, her blood I had to drain.

With tears, I slashed her throat to set her free.

I shred her fins; her young soft flesh I ate.

Her precious pearl, I vomit to the deep.

My mind is clear; the foam consumed her fate.

If she rejoiced and felt alive with me,

then she will love the afterlife to be.